A bit about us

The Buxton family have been farming in the Reepham area for well over a century. Farmers are self-reliant and enterprising types; and an ability to work with timber and metal is a skill once inherent to most farms, handed down over the generations. 

It's those proper skills and methods that Andrew Buxton and his sons employ when bullding or restoring traditional East Anglian shepherd huts.

Based in the heart of rural Norfolk, Andrew builds to order, following the pattern of an old working hut used on the family farm until the 1960s.   

Norfolk Shepherd Huts are at home in any landscape: garden, orchard, woodland, or meadow and have immediate appeal as restful, calm retreats. They can be an extra room for family or holiday use; an office, studio, or summer house; or a wonderful place to watch wildlife.

Our prices start from £12,500

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