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  1. May 2016 Hut Metalwork 041-Optimized



    We had a great day at the Hadleigh Show.  It's a show with the most wonderful setting, surrounded by the gentle hills of Holbeck Park making for a showground that is just the right size to see everything in a day.

    And of course, included in the very fine livestock section were the Suffolk Punchs - these magnificent chesnut animals are now listed as a rare breed.  All credit to their owners, breeders and handlers for treating us to such a fantastic and beautiful parade of irreplacable horsepower.

    Quite enough pulling power for a humble shepherd's hut!

  2. Temple Bruer Tower

    This impressive structure stands alone in a farm-yard in the wide open landscape of North Kesteven, Lincolnshire.  We discovered it  on a mission to assess a shepherd's hut for restoration (which sadly turned out to be a hen house!)  Happily on the way home we found Temple Bruer - one of the few Knights Templar sites with any remaining buildings.  Dating from the 12th Century, the income from the extensive sheep walks  then surrounding it, bankrolled the Knights Templar when fighting as far afield as the Holy Land.

    Temple Bruer Tower - Stonework

     Perhaps there was a shepherd's hut here as well ... just not quite as grand.