The Shepherd's Delight

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A fine little hut, over 100 years old, which belongs to a farming family from West Norfolk.  This is how it looked  when it arrived in our yard:

Silverwood Hut as it arrived 2

 And here's this dear ittle hut going home with all external timber replaced, a new window, door, steps, stove & chimney; but retaining all the original wheels, chains, axles and roof with the shepherd's bunk, medicine cupboard  and corner shelf repaired and restored inside:

Silverwood Hut delivery

Awful gloomy day but lovely, lovely hut! The owners were delighted.

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  1. Richard King.

    I love this hut so much !..I have 6 old hut "wrecks" and would swap them all for this one.I saw it when it first came to Andrew and love at first site ( the hut that is ! ) Looking at how it was built it was made by a real craftsman. A true "delight" of a hut.The owners of this are very lucky people. It is everything a hut should be. Well done Andrew for putting it in good order. All the best. Richard King.

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